General Gameplay

When testing the AMD RX 470 in general gameplay, we had both FRAPS and any in-game frame counters running so we could see the frame rate for reference when needed but also to note any material variations. The methodology is to play the game and note the typical FPS, any rendering issues, look for stutter and also keep an eye out for imperfections around colour or missing textures that impede the immersion.

These tests are subjective, less reproducible and much more prone to variation so the results are not compared to other cards. This is a good representation of my experience with the review sample and what you should expect if you went out and bought this card.

All observations were made on the test system used for benchmarks connected via DisplayPort and running at a resolution of 1920×1080/144Hz unless specifically noted in the comments.


The Division

We saw around 55-58FPS at the ‘Very High’ setting. This graphics setting is still very immersive and the gameplay was fine overall. There were occasions when things got really busy where the frame rate dipped – which is to be expected. For a Division enthusiast who wants to play at 1440p, we’d recommend saving up and going up a tier or two.

COD: Black Ops 2

At 2560×1440 we saw a solid 120FPS which suits competitive play. It’s an older title but given its popularity and price we think it’s also a good match for the RX 470 GPU.

Battlefield 1

This was interesting. DX11 and DX12 average results were very similar but in DX12 on the AMD test bench, we saw some nasty frame rate drops. From what we can see, this looks like an issue with the game, not with the GPU but we still had to play Battlefield 1 at DX11 due to the less than ideal DX12 experience.

At 1080p on Ultra, we saw a typical frame rate of 75-80FPS which dropped to around 55-60 at 2560×1440.

Titanfall 2

Playing Titanfall 2 at Very High settings with AO off delivered 70-80 FPS at 1080p and just shy of 60FPS at 2560×1440.

The RX 470 will allow gamers to be competitive at these resolutions and despite my n00b status in the game itself, I was able to be competitive and not feel in any way hampered by the RX 470 GPU. Visually, Titanfall 2 still looked amazing at the Very High pre-set.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous can be a powerfully addictive title for many people but thankfully, if you do get hooked on it and you have the RX 470, this GPU can deliver 70-80FPS at 2560×1440 with everything cranked up in the base game.

Fallout 4

At ‘High’ graphics settings running at 1440p we saw the occasional dip from 60FPS to 55 but at 1080p on ‘Ultra’ graphics settings the RX 470 had a typical result of ~80FPS – this is enough grunt to keep you immersed in exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

COD: Black Ops 3

At 1440p, we saw a typical frame rate of ~80FPS with High textures. This was enough to be competitive in multiplayer mode at a ‘casually competitive’ standard.

Homeworld Remastered

At full detail, running on 2560×1440, the RX 470 gave us 200+ FPS so this is clearly overkill.

FarCry 4

At 1440p, with the ultra pre-set, we saw a typical frame rate of 47-53FPS. 

Battlefield 4

At 1440p with settings at ‘Ultra’, we saw a typical frame rate of 48-56 but this went up to a typical 62-66 with the quality dropped to ‘High’.

With the more realistic 1080p resolution, ‘Ultra’ gave us 65-75 but ‘High’ offered up 99-120FPS.

World of Warships

2650×1440 gaming at full graphics options delivered 71-75FPS. Everything looked great and the RX 470 didn’t have any issues smashing out round after round on this Free to Play title.


 The RX 470 is capable of pumping out a typical experience of 57-65FPS with High settings at 2560×1440. We should point out that there can be significant variation between levels in this game and our testing was undertaken in both the ‘Dome’ section and the very first level.

Star Wars Battlefront

1440p gameplay was viable here as well – when we could find a game. High quality settings saw ~80FPS as a typical result with the FPS dropping to 65-75 when we notched things up to the Ultra setting.


Even though XCOM 2 is a turn based game, there are a lot of animations and FPS drops can be annoying. 1440p at High was surprisingly playable with FPS of 35-45. Dropping the resolution to 1080p gave us a 10FPS boost in performance.

This was a strange one and I found myself able to play XCOM 2 at 1440p with the lower frame rates quite comfortably.

Witcher 3

1080p is the best experience here with high graphics and high post processing resulting in 55-65FPS.

At 1440p, compromising the graphics to medium still gives a hit to frame rates, delivering a 45-50FPS result.

The RX 470 OC from Sapphire proves that respectable performance can be had in a large number of games including current titles for less than $300.

Consider that this Sapphire RX 470 OC 4GB edition is going to be handy for anyone building a small form factor rig as a steam machine or lounge room gaming rig for gaming at 1080p. Chances are that the RX 470 GPU with a factory overclock will be adequate or perhaps even overkill depending on what you play. The stock-style cooler will also keep the heat out of the chassis in small cases or cases with minimal airflow.

I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this particular RX 470 card in a budget build. Whilst the GPU can struggle with some of the more demanding titles at high or ultra, that’s why there is an upper-mid-range, high-end and even enthusiast (extreme) level of graphics cards on the market.


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