Reviewed: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse


Street Price is currently at $189 which makes it the most expensive Logitech mouse on the market. For comparison, Razer’s top end wireless Mamba Chroma RGB is $10 dearer at $199 and Steel Series wireless Sensei is $209 so in relative terms it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Logitech’s top shelf product is in the same price bracket.


The G900 Chaos Spectrum was a dream to test. We took longer with this review because we wanted to push the battery and build quality. The G900 feels lighter than we expected but there doesn’t seem to be any compromise in the design – sure there is a lot of plastic but that isn’t a bad thing so long as it stands up to gaming, remains light weight and feels comfortable in your hand.

The RGB LED lighting is the first thing we noticed when using the G900 for the first time and it’s great but surprisingly it isn’t the hero of the mouse. As much as I personally loved the mouse wheel with tilt actuation and hyperscrolling, it wasn’t the hero either. In any other product, either of these functions might well take the prize but not here.

The true hero of the G900 Chaos Spectrum is the PMW3366 Sensor. The optical sensor feels incredibly accurate and would be the most popular element highlighted by the people that used this mouse in our testing. It felt ‘surgical’ to me when gaming in any genre. The mouse button responsiveness was also a big hit in that the switches are responsive with very little travel for actuation. 

Aside from a (justified) premium street price, there are no compromises to impact your gaming experience – it really is “that good”.

  Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse




Highly accurate optical sensor
Very comfortable and ambidextrous
Feels the same when used wired or wireless
Configurable RGB LEDs
Logitech Gaming Software is perfect
Great battery life


cross Awesomeness has a high price in this case
Awards  EditorsChoiceAward


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